About Us


Taylor Made Electric is a full service electric company that has been able to wow clients by providing them with the resources to resolve all of their electrical remodeling needs. We have the tools, materials, and know-how to be able to provide your projects with the right electrical work the first time. With our residential service call program, we’ve been able to really impress our clients by raising their expectations on what a successful electrical service company looks like. With any job that we are called to, we know that we’re the “Taylor Made” company to resolve all of your electrical wants and needs. In fact, we’ll break down the various aspects of how our business has really been beneficial to so many of our clients and how other electricians continually fall short.

Taylor Made Electric – One Call is All it Takes

Have you ever contacted a Forney TX electrician and they gave you plenty of claims about what they could solve over the phone? Then, once they arrive, they look at the problem, scratch their heads, have to call a supervisor, or need to get back with you on the issue?

With Taylor Made Electric, one of our mantras is “one call, big or small, does it all.” We always make sure that with our years of dedication to excellence and persistence at being attentive to every single detail on the job, the first call is the only call you will need. You would not believe the number of times a client would initially call another Forney TX electrician, and after they’ve finished working with them, they need to call us to ACTUALLY to fix the issue! It’s so frustrating for us because the consumer pays the price for incompetence. As you can tell from the many reviews we have online and on Google, our reputation speaks for itself. Even more than that, it’s a continual influx of reviews from each of our jobs. Time and time again, we’ll be able to prove to you that we’re worthy to be able to fix up your home the right way, the first time.

The Other Guys – Professional Bank Robbers

You may not have heard this narrative before, but there have been various cases where a Forney TX electrician will go over to property and look over the home, take a brief amount of time to scan the situation and then, they’ll go on and on about the various issues that your home has. In this situation, you’re now paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in addition to the actual problem you currently had. So instead of actually serving your needs with electrical work, they are just looking to take every dime and penny.

With our work, we want to make sure that you’re able to get every problem solved. While we will be examining the home to make sure everything is all completely safe, it’s all in the effort to make sure that you don’t need to call us back for another issue that you didn’t realize you had. Moreover, if you need proof that it’s a real problem, we’ll illustrate it to you on the job.

Taylor Made Electric – On-Time Work Ethic

When our work is necessary, we know that you have a busy schedule. We want to make sure that we aren’t a more substantial burden than is necessary. That’s why the first step in making sure that’s possible is simplicity in scheduling. We have a one call booking process and a book online option, as well. Once the job is scheduled, we continue this philosophy by actually being at your job on time. The owner himself has been very candid about how crucial it is to be on time and solidifying this as a hallmark way to prove to our clients that their time is important to us. With Taylor Made Electric, we make sure that we are the Forney TX electrician that truly gets your entire project taken care of promptly.

The Other Guys – Homeowners Babysitting “Pros”

Again, we’ll paint this picture for you. Let’s say you have a Forney TX electrician that will come out to your property to give you an estimate for an upcoming project. You agree on a time that will work well for both parties. Then when the day and time finally arrive, they don’t show up. Then tomorrow comes, and they are randomly at your doorstep finally ready to help.

At this moment, you have no idea what’s going through this contractor’s mind. We don’t either. When we say that we will arrive at your doorstep, that’s when we’ll be there. It’s our job to make sure that we uphold our end of the customer/contractor agreement. We continue this commitment to excellence throughout the project, and this is obvious from the 5-star reviews we have received from previous customers.

We’re “Taylor Made” to Do the Job!

The owner and founder of the company, David Taylor, has been working for decades in this industry and has seen the ups and downs of successful enterprises and the many operations that have failed. While his business continues to grow, we want to make sure that with every transaction, you as the customer are delighted with our work. That’s why he can give you many examples of stories where, as I mentioned before, Forney TX electrician crews will come over, attempt to fix the problem, and either don’t have the right training or just simply aren’t committed to excellence at every turn. With Taylor Made Electric, we’ve got you covered. Get on our schedule today for a free estimate and inspection of your home!