Whenever you need to hire a Forney TX electrician, you have quite an array of services that can provided to you. Take a second, if you’d like, to look over some of the most common areas of concern that our clients have and how we’re able to deal with these issues accurately and systematically.

Total Home Inspections

Whenever you call our team at Taylor Made Electric, we know it is a priority to get your problem repaired and your home back to normal. Whether you have a broken light, a plug that doesn’t work, or a breaker that won’t reset, one call will resolve your problem. Whatever the case may be, you called us, and we’re happy to help!

What we’ve found to be true in almost every home we service is there are often hidden issues and/or safety concerns that haven’t been addressed or are unknown to the homeowner. The National Electrical Code (NEC) is updated every three years as are several other safety publications that have similar revision timeframes. These Forney TX electrician publications are what we use in the construction industry for minimum safety requirements. These changes can mean that your home is not as safe as you believe.

With that being said, we take time to attentively work through a total home inspection to make sure there are no safety concerns or other unresolved issues that have not been addressed. As we discussed in the “About Us” page, our desire is to make sure that the first call is the only call you need for our electrical work.

Lighting Replacements

Whether you have a fixture that needs replacing or are looking to update your lighting system to a new energy efficient style, we can help. If your home is still using incandescent bulbs for lighting, you could be saving up to 80% by switching to LED according to statistics. The LED fixtures also come in a variety of styles, wattages, and colors to suit almost any need you may have.

For the commercial office or warehouse, you may have lighting that not only needs to be replaced but could also be improved. Changes to LED fixtures can increase the efficiency of the work environment and decrease the overhead costs associated with the required lighting. Parking lots are becoming the newest area to see a surge in lighting replacement from HID to LED which will increase visibility, safety, and decrease cost. We are here to answer any Forney TX electrician questions you may have and get your area brighter and keep your costs to a bearable level.

Whole Home Protection and Generator Installation

Your home and office needs to have the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment installed to ensure total safety. Whether it be a storm causing a power surge/outage or a life threatening event such as a fire or build up of Carbon Monoxide (CO), we offer the equipment to keep you safe We offer multiple types of Cutler Hammer surge protection to keep all your appliances safe from voltage spikes. We offer Generac generators and other related products for all your residential backup power needs. We also offer multiple brands of CO and smoke detectors to keep you and your family safe at all times. For the protection of your home, please feel free to call us and set up your free estimate and home inspection today with our Forney TX electrician.

For our commercial customers, we also offer top notch safety equipment, Whether you’re looking for LED exit signs, wall mounted emergency lighting, or want to convert your ceiling fixtures to have built in emergency backup lights, we have answers for you. We also offer generator installation from Generac for our commercial customers. So, with smoke and CO detectors, generators, surge protectors, and with any other aspect that deals with the overall safety of your home or business, give our Forney TX electrician team a call today!

Remodel/New Construction/Commercial Projects

If you’re a contractor, homebuilder, or home/building owner that’s heard about our work, but want to make sure that we’re the real deal, you’re in luck. Our Forney TX electrician team members are quite skilled and able to take care of any electrical projects that may arise. Whether it’s remodeling an existing home/business, adding a new addition, adding circuits for equipment/lighting, or ground up construction of a new home/business, our team has credibility from some great contracting crews to ensure that we’re also “Taylor Made” for your work. You’ll even find 5-star reviews on Google from contractors that we still do business with today and people who have hired us for multiple projects. Everyone loves our work, simply reach out to us and we’ll show you what we’re all about.